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AKA Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd., lay emphasis on how well-designed buildings, of any scale, can improve people’s quality of life, while creating real value for society/ public institutions. Therefore, the company believes in delivering eco-friendly designs that adopt the latest trends in Energy Conservation, Ecology, Green Building, Solar Passive Designs, Water Conservation and Harvesting.


Vision Statement

“AKA’s vision is to become one of the leading Architecture & Infrastructure Consultancy firms with a practice based on research, sustainability and integrated design.”

Design Philosophy

AKA is committed to mainstreaming reformative design and development throughout the built environment. We have designed and delivered many major projects and have been recognised through various awards. INTEGRATED DESIGN is critical to sustainability. We believe in incorporation of energy efficiency, waste management and cost planning to provide optimum service to our clients and ecosystem. We believe in providing a professional service, on site and in budget.

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