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Shape your career with us as you also contribute towards shaping the buildings and settlements of tomorrow.

Working with AKA offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of a creative, communicative and integrated design process.


Please see below opportunities that we are currently hiring for.

Current Openings

We are Looking for suitable Candidates for the following positions- 


JOB CODE - 001

Sr. Architect

Total Openings - 01

Experience – 10+ Years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - B. Architect min.


Job Responsibilities

  • Analyzing architectural designs and plans

  • Ensuring all designs meet industry standards and government regulations

  • Researching and inquiring about different materials

  • Supervising Junior Architects and assigning them tasks

  • Scheduling and delivering at skill enhancement workshops

  • Explaining design requirements and specifications to Builders, Electricians, and Technicians

  • Communicating project status and completion timelines to the clients

  • Preparing building models and structure plans

  • Conducting mockup sessions

  • Guiding the construction project from start to finish

  • Presenting project briefs to clients

  • Understanding the clients’ requirements/ preferences and environmental impacts on the construction project

  • Creating blueprints and making alterations based on the feedback from the client

  • Developing projects by adhering to the specified budget and timeline

  • Undertaking regular site visits and inspections



JOB CODE - 002


Total Openings - 01

Experience - 5 to 9 Years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - B. Architect


Job Responsibilities

  • To Control project from start to finish to ensure high quality, innovative and functional design

  • Good Commands on BIM and Revit

  • Take the “brief” to identify clients’ needs and put together feasibility reports and design proposals

  • Develop ideas keeping in mind client’s needs, building’s usage and environmental impact

  • Produce detailed blueprints and make any necessary corrections

  • Compile project specifications

  • Keep within budgets and timelines

  • Ensure that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines and regulations

  • Make on site visits to check on project status and report on project

  • Cooperate and liaise with construction professionals

  • Follow architectural trends and advancement


JOB CODE - 003

Jr. Architect

Total Openings - 01

Experience - Minimum 1 years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - B. Architect


Job Responsibilities

  • Follow architectural trends and advancement

  • Must possess pertinent degrees in architecture

  • Previous experience is strongly preferred

  • Must have excellent people skills

  • Must be a keen listener that is able to identify the needs of a project

  • Must be able to complete technical drawings that will be used to present a project for approval

  • A strong communicator is a necessity

  • Up-to-date knowledge of construction and building codes

  • Must show strong project management skills and be able to work under tight deadlines

  • Must be a strong team player


JOB CODE - 004

Draftsman (Architect)

Total Openings - 01

Experience – 6 to 15 Years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education – ITI / Diploma (Civil)


Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze building specifications, codes, and sites.

  • Create technical drawings from architects' sketches and specifications.

  • Use CAD software to create drawings that incorporate exact measurements, calculations, building codes, and other construction details.

  • Printing CAD drawing schematics for use by architects, construction managers, and structural and maintenance engineers.

  • Entering CAD data into building information modeling (BIM) systems to create 3-D models and renderings.

  • Prepare drawings, charts, and records with CAD equipment and conventional drafting techniques.

  • Visit construction sites to perform measurements and calculate dimensions as needed.

  • Collaborating with architects and construction engineers to ensure adherence to building specifications and industry regulations.

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments and technologies in architectural design.


JOB CODE - 005

3D Visualizer (Architect)

Total Openings - 01

Experience - 4 to 9 Years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - B. Architect / B.Tech of any Technical Diploma


Job Responsibilities

  • Working closely with architectural and design teams to plan and visualize construction projects

  • Presenting and explaining visuals to colleagues and clients

  • Ensuring all ideas are represented as accurately and attractively as possible

  • Assisting with planning decisions

  • Creating both static visualizations and animations/CGI (computer-generated imagery)

  • Working with industry-standard design tools and programs

  • Visualizing building concepts in various graphic mediums

  • Keeping up-to-date with relevant software advances

  • Producing high-quality atmospheric visualizations for competition and client presentations

  • Modeling 3D forms to a brief using appropriate software applications

  • Supporting architectural teams to produce visualizations for presentation

  • Making simple but effective presentations in-house as required


JOB CODE - 006

Sr. Structure Design Engineer (Building Construction)

Experience – More than 7 years of designing structures of Buildings

Education – M. Tech (Structure) and B. Tech (civil)

Location - Indore (M.P)


Job Description –

  • Good experience in making design of Building structure.

  • Creating drawings to be used in final construction plans.

  • Drafting computer models based on needs.

  • Reviewing and revising construction models.

  • Follow all safety standards in their designs.

  • Create reports indicating alterations to be made to structural sketches.

  • Produce samples and mock-ups of structures using different drafting methods.

  • Prepare structural plans according to the Project requirement.

  • Suggest changes to existing designs.

  • Proficient with computer design software including AutoCAD and other Building designing software.

  • Should have good communication skills.


JOB CODE - 007

Electrical Design Engineer (Building Construction)

Total Openings - 01

Experience – 7+ years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education – B. Tech (Electrical)


Job Responsibilities

  • Developing Electrical System for Institutional, Educational, Assembly, Business & Residential   Buildings.

  • Preparation of Electrical (Lighting, Power), LV & Networking ( CCTV, FA, PA, AC) BOQ with estimate

  • Preparation of quantity chart as per drawings

  • Design Calculation like UPS & Electrical load calculation, Fault Level calculation, Voltage Drop calculation, cable Size Calculation Sheet

  • Calculation of Breaker size (ACB , MCCB, MCB)

  • Preparation of Single line Diagram with Protection and Metering

  • Design Brief Report (DBR)

  • Rate Analysis

  • Knowledge of Norms LV System

  • Preparation of detailed design for Fire Detection & Alarm system

  • Preparation of detailed design for Public addressable system

  • Preparation of detailed design for CCTV & ACS System Desired Skills &   Functional Experience

  • Ready for Site Visit and Preparation of Minutes of meetings.


JOB CODE - 008

Project Coordinator (Building Construction)

Total Openings - 01

Experience - 3+ years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education – N.I.C.M.A.R Qualified / P.G in Project Management & B.E /             B. Tech (Civil) passed out


Job Responsibilities

  • Preparing tenders for clients and commercial bids to help bring in new business

  • Developing and presenting project proposals

  • Meeting with clients to find out their requirements

  • Producing plans and estimating budgets and timescales

  • Discussing, drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms of business contracts

  • Agreeing budgets and timescales with the clients

  • Managing construction schedules and budgets

  • Dealing with any unexpected costs

  • Attending site meetings to monitor progress

  • Acting as the main point of contact for clients, site and project managers

  • Working with third parties to ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities

  • Making sure construction projects meet agreed technical standards

  • Liaising with technical and financial staff, sub-contractors, legal teams and the client’s own representatives

  • Overseeing invoicing at the end of a project

  • Working on-site and in an office.


JOB CODE - 009

Team Leader (Road Construction)


     Experience - More than 10+ Years (Minimum 7 Years in Road Construction)

     Location - Road Project in M.P

     Total opening - 01

     Education - B.E/ B. Tech (Civil)


Job Responsibilities

  • Reviews construction processes and engineering layouts.

  • Reviews daily inspection reports and other project documentation.

  • Reviews project activities with client and contractor’s field supervision resolving disputes and other daily issues.

  • Oversees materials testing activities.

  • Plans, reviews and assigns work of subordinate field or construction field office personnel.

  • Attends and may lead construction meetings with client and contractors.

  • Manage and plan project timelines, budgets and staffing

  • inspect construction project sites for safety and efficiency

  • calculate project costs and create budgets for construction

  • design project proposals and record incidents or errors

  • provide guidance to the construction and materials staff

  • collaborate with construction and design professionals

  • study environmental effects of projects and installations


JOB CODE - 010

Sr. Engineer & Site Engineer


a. Designation - Sr. Engineer

     Experience - More than 7 Years (Minimum 5 Years in Road Construction)

     Location - Road Project in M.P

     Total opening - 01

     Education - B.E / B. Tech (Civil)


b. Designation - Site Engineer (Road Construction)

     Experience - More than 5 Years (Minimum 3 Years in Road Construction)

     Location - Road Project in M.P

     Total opening - 01

     Education - Diploma or B.Tech (Civil)


Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare engineering drawings and blueprints in accordance with regulatory standards and project objectives

  • Collaborate and communicate with civil engineers, surveyors, architects, and stakeholders to develop detailed project plans, designs and layouts

  • Works on highway/roadway projects of increasing difficulty

  • Regular site visits and inspections to ensure compliance with design specifications, quality standards, and safety protocols

  • Oversee the execution of road construction projects, including budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation

  • Extracts engineering data from various prescribed sources

  • Prepare project documentation such as progress reports, change orders, and final project reports

  • Monitor contractor performance, progress, and adherence to contractual obligations


JOB CODE - 011

Liaising Officer

Total Openings - 01

Experience - More than 1 years

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - M.B.A./ M.Com., B.Tech./ B.B.A/ B.Com.


Job Responsibilities

  • Good communication in English

  • Attend department and client meetings as an when required 

  • Preparation and management of all live project files, ensuring each has scheme briefs, walk sheets and property details

  • Prepare monthly Build Safe reports for all live projects

  • To perform any other duties as may be reasonably required

  • Maintain the complaints procedure and deal with disputes and damage claims

  • To promote and monitor progress on the programs of work being undertaken and ensure that problems and defects are identified early and actioned by the relevant Manager, reporting any item of concern to the Head office

  • Report all defects to project lead and advise on any trends

  • Collect and collate all relevant data and information required for reports and ensure all information is readily available for internal and external meetings

  • Assist and support in ensuring all project target dates are met, i.e. management of project tracker log, valuation submissions and final accounts

  • Completion and submission of all documentation as required by clients


JOB CODE - 012

Tendering Executive

Total Openings - 01

Experience - More than 1 Years in tendering work of construction line

Working Location - Indore Head Office

Education - Should be graduate


Job Description

  • Evaluate bids and contracts: Analyze bids and contracts for price, quality and technical specifications of goods and services

  • Monitor bids: Monitor the submission of bids and ensure they are accurately completed and meet the requirements of the tendering process

  • Prepare reports: Prepare detailed reports and analyses on bid and contract costs

  • Negotiate Contracts: Negotiate with suppliers and stakeholders to reach favorable agreements

  • Use project management techniques: Utilize agile project management techniques and software to effectively manage bids and tender projects

  • Develop Key Solutions: Study and understand the tender requirements and develop the most effective and suitable strategy and solution for the organization to submit a bid

  • Manage Documents: Manage the documents provided by potential suppliers, evaluate pricing and prepare documentation for the tender

  • Coordinate With Internal and External Stakeholders: Analyze tenders, coordinate efforts internally, communicate with potential and current suppliers, and negotiate their terms

  • Examine Proposals: Study and review proposals and assess cost efficiency and other risks involved

  • Strategize Presentation Development: Develop compelling correspondence, create impressive presentations for tender submission, and ensure compliance with tender guidelines

Interested candidate can send their resume to 


Mobile No.: 83195 90478

Telephone No’s: 0731-256 5304/ 256 1685 / 256 1684.

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We select 3-5 aspiring graduate (bachelor) students with 4-5 months commitment and Summer Internships for Post-graduate (masters) students for 2 months. During internship you are exposed to all aspects of architecture design, presentation and site visits.


For graduate internships starting in January, please submit your application by 30th November. For internships starting in July please submit your applications by 31st May.


To be considered for internship program please submit your resume along with work sample and references to

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