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AKA offers Architecture, Engineering & Infrastructure, Master Planning, Project Management Consultancy, Landscape Design and Interior Design services. We have successfully completed projects in almost all public and private sectors from diverse range of projects. Our team experts are handling projects pan-India from our offices in Indore, Bhopal, Gandhinagar, Noida and Raipur.


At AKA every project is a challenge to generate architecture solutions to create innovative, award-winning  designs. Our vision for the project is to create a building which becomes a landmark. The structure, elevation, space should reflect and merge with the overall fabric of the location.


We have successfully completed various prestigious Medical Hospital, Medical College, Institutional Campus, University, Sports Complex, Sport Stadium, Residential Project, Office Building, Industrial, Semi-commercial, & Interior designing works. For these we are equipped with adequate manpower and have all the designing and execution software’s and equipment.


As an organization we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and are strict follower of all the ISO standards. We believe in maintaining the quality all around the organization.


Our areas of expertise include: Government, Public sector, Medical Colleges & Hospitals, Private Commercial, Corporate, Education Institutes, Hospitality, Residential and Sports Complexes.


We emphasis on creating unique places that identify the qualities of place, convention and culture using our expertise in Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape. New life is given to cities, waterfronts, city centres, educational and corporate campuses and urban districts into vibrant, sustainable communities. Our wide-ranging services include:- Urban Design, Campus Design, New Cities Regional Planning, Waterfronts, Residential Master Plans, Streetscape Design, Railway Station and Site Planning.


We work with all types of businesses, entrepreneurs and institutions and create interior that is suitable to their requirement.

Our comprehensive services include: Government sector, Commercial and Corporates, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Hospitality Industry, Residential, Renovation, Entertainment and Retail etc.


AKA offers all architecture, design and engineering services and infrastructural works. We incorporate architecture & design and built form dynamics to provide cost-effective, functional and environment friendly solution.

Our comprehensive services include: Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Infrastructure, BMS and Sustainability.


We have an in-house staff of Project Management. Our in-house team includes designers such as architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, firefighting experts, landscape architects, plumbing and water supply experts etc. having years of experience, working on such projects.


AKA has a separate division for Project Management involving various experts, advisors and software. Our project management consulting broadly encompasses the following: -


  1. Value Engineering

  2. Supervision

  3. Quality Control

  4. Project Scheduling

  5. Recording of Measurements and Bill Checking

  6. Quantitative Checking of Materials

  7. Coordination and Time Scheduling


At AKA we believe that ingenious, appealing landscapes are required for healthy, lively people and sustainable infrastructure. We plan comprehensive variety of project types and scales, from gardens to large-scale campus. We deliver site-specific solutions that embrace the changing and temporal nature of the landscape.


Landscape plans are developed in which flower beds, hillocks, water bodies, paved path and other features shall be incorporated. Species of plants for flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges will be taken which are from the local vegetation and which would withstand the climate without major maintenance. With proper landscape the microclimate of the entire site can change completely.


Our comprehensive services include: Garden, Park & Open Spaces, Plantation, Recreation Facility, Restoration and Water Landscapes.

What Our Clients Say

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar (IIT Ropar)

"AKA Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, Indore have provided excellent Consultancy services for Architecture and all allied services of Academic, Residential and other Buildings of Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) under Phase-1C."
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